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 Summary Edit

Thief is a possible upcoming Vendor/NPC in Voxeland. Thief was first mentioned in a series of tweets between Poyoarya and a partner in crime, Cowboi. The thief is set to sell Contraband items and the occasional rare item[1]. Thief is the possible leader of the Thieves.

Appearance Edit

The thief has the same body model as the character. The thief wears a white shirt and a brown trenchcoat, as well as having a bandanna over his mouth, giving him the appearance of a more stereotypical "western" bandit.


Thief's future is unclear, but he is confirmed in the game. There is a high possibility of a name change for him, since talking to any ordinary thief refers to them as "Thief." There will be another actual NPC, called "Thief." There is a group of Thieves as well.

Trivia Edit

  • The Thief's first concept sketch was a quick sketch in MS Paint, and the image had text on the right of the drawing: "I am Thief. I sale rare items and [sic]Contraband."

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