Summary Edit

Schpinne Woods is a map made by Geistermagier. "Schpinne" translated from German to English means "spider," hence, spiders will make an appearance. It will come soon, and will be the first complete map. 

Map Detail Edit

The map contains very intricate detailing and is over 70x70 blocks, probably much larger. Concept maps and sketches have been made. The map consists largely of puzzles reminiscent of ice puzzles in Pokémon. The Character slips over moss to get to treasure chests in the middle. Two of these puzzles exist, although one of the puzzles is significantly larger than the other. Another feature set to be introduced is Diving. The Schpinne Woods are likely the home to the Rock or Tree gems. A rough draft of the map also shows a dungeon that contains a Fire Gem. It is unknown if this dungeon will be in the final version of the map.

Monsters Edit

Retreater - Random

Adult Spider - Random

Elder Spider - Random - Bottem

Saproling - Water

Drifting Spider - Water

Gift Frog - Poison

Treant - Gatekeeper

Mist Lizard - Walker

Stein Spider - Boss

Wood Titan- Boss