Ghost Town is an upcoming town in VoxeLand, concepted by Cowboi. According to Poyoarya, "[there is a] New map: "Ghost Town." Overview: Town in desert. Population: -369.[1]"


Ghost Town will presumably look like an old Western town, something like Armadillo from Red Dead Redemption. The reason for this is ghosts won't affect things they touch unless they want to, so they decide to keep the town looking bad and fruitless to ward off scavengers and "Pesky Livingmen[2]." There will be a saloon, where ghosts serve Polterweiser, a drink that makes the living capable of walking though walls .[3].


  • The Old Western design was created by Cowboi, who is a self-proclaimed "western freak"
  • The town was orginally going to be a generic town with ghosts, but Cowboi insisted on it being western.
  • There will be gunfights on occasion, which you can participate in.
  • Poyoarya stated that Ghost Town will have one person being alive, which means the population consists of 370 ghosts, and one person alive.[4]
  • Cowboi states that "all the ghosts have a basic name template, which is _._. _______, like P.T. Berny, M.B. Mathers, and D.R. Jensen. I think it's very old-westerny."