Gems are an upcoming feature which will allow you to have various abilities while equipped.

List Edit

According to Poyoarya himself, there are so far quite a lot of gems. The list so far:

  • Rock Gem: allows you to break rocks (not boulders.)
  • Wind Gem: allows you to jump to anywhere, such as from a Town to a Dungeon.
  • Water Gem: allows you to walk on water
  • Dive Gem: allows you to dive through a block of water, emerging two blocks away from your starting point.
  • Fire Gem: allows you to extinguish fire as you walk through it.
  • Friction Gem: allows you to be able to not slide on moss/ice.
  • Tree Gem: allows you to climb over certain trees.
  • Bolt/Thunder/Charge Gem: allows you to power unpowered objects.

More gems are speculated to come.

Trivia Edit

  • Gems were originally thought of as an idea by Milovanovich20 during the development phase of Schpinne Woods, as a loot to be found at the end of the map.
  • Gems will only be usable when placed in a ring, which can only be found and modified at your hometown.[1]