The Dev Team (AKA the Partners In Crime) were the team responsible for the creation of VoxeLand.


Currently they consist of the following:

Former MembersEdit

Secret Dev Team MemberEdit

  • The Secret Dev Team Member was map dev and ideas manager.
  • He was continually hacking into both the old and the new Dev Team workspace, before Poyoarya hacked into his account and permanently deleted the invitation file which enabled him to get in.
  • The Secret Dev Team member made several weapons for the game and is working on a new game  Voxeworld.

About the teamEdit

Poyoarya intended on getting more employees in the future.

It has been stated that the Dev Team has their own shared workspace in which they can edit files and send live feedback.[3]

There are also some beta testers who locate and report bugs. Poyoarya stated that the beta testers will seek out bugs in release-candidates, to polish the final release.[4]


  • The Secret Dev Team member banned Poyoarya from their shared workspace, causing them to have to create a new one.[5]
  • The Secret Dev Team member was fired by Poyoarya after spamming the VoxeLand Sharepoint, and drowning out ideas from both Cowboi and MlTezer. He also attempted to hack into the workspace afterwards.
  • As a joke, Poyoarya often states that Milovanovic20 was fired 3 times before he became a permanent member to the team.
  • Milovanovic20 vandalized Poyoarya's wiki, claiming "Poyoarya is hated by everyone he loves". Later that day, Poyoarya changed it, reverting it to it's original settings. This was proven by tracing the IP of his computer. Milovanovic20 pleads not guilty.

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