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November 2012

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Andrew Johnson (Drew)


Cowboi is one of the partners in crime at PoyoGames. He mainly works on the storyline and dialogue for characters. He says that he'll become a programming dev once he gets a new computer of any sort, since his old one is "A brick."  It's well known that he is good friends with Geistermagier and Poyoarya. Cowboi is responsible for the conceptualization of Ghost Town, and also, along with Geistermagier, conceptualized the Monster Arena. Cowboi was formerly the Lead Wiki Manager until MlTezer took over that role. He is now currently working on developing the story, which he states has "lots of mechanics, running gags, fat policemen, and of course, LOTS OF [REDACTED]."[1]As of Summer 2013, Cowboi will be focusing on a few different games that he is creating, including a Outlaw Motorcycle Club RPG and an Ice-Skating simulator, Since Voxeland work has come to a complete stop.


Cowboi, due to computer troubles, asked Poyoarya to kick him out of the workspace, to fix his problems. However, he couldn't get back in. This was fixed after a week and now Cowboi is working full force on the story, only waiting for revisions.


  • Cowboi is saving up for a gaming/ state-of-the-art computer.
  • Cowboi wants to learn Swedish.
  • He often mentions his life would be complete if they added trains to VoxeLand.
  • While Poyoarya is obsessed with potatoes, and MlTezer is obsessed with apples, Cowboi is obsessed with oranges.
  • Cowboi is a brony.
  • Cowboi is utterly convinced that the Secret Dev Team Member broke into the PoyoGames SharePoint workspace to steal the sprites.
  • Cowboi is a huge fan of rapper Watsky.