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  • In the "BUG" column, describe the bug. (and how PoyoGames can recreate the circumstances.)
  • In the "LEVEL" column, describe a rank.
  • In the "ACTION" column, EMPLOYEES OF POYOGAMES (not you) will write what action will be taken.
  • In the "FIXED" column, EMPLOYEES OF POYOGAMES (not you) will put a check mark if the bug has been fixed in a released update.

Here are the "LEVEL" ranks.

  • [-] = Just a bug, not even annoying.
  • [~] = Annoyance. Enough said.
  • [!] = Gameplay affecting, such as "XP not registering properly."
  • [!!] =  Severe, such as causing extreme lag and/or a game crash.
  • [!!!] = Exploitable glitch, such as "holding the tilde key allows the player to walk on water."

Here are the "ACTION" ranks.

  • [F] = Will be fixed in next update.
  • [I] = Intentional behaivior
  • [L] = Will be fixed in future update, other more important bugs to fix.

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You are able to exit the map via the grass at the top of the island on which you spawn. Poyoarya (talk) 17:52, December 16, 2012 (UTC)Poyoarya [-] [F]

On some computers, the layering with tall grass is messed up. Poyoarya (talk) 17:52, December 16, 2012 (UTC)Poyoarya

[~] [F]
You can go through rocks by holding down the directional key facing the rock for a while (talk) 8:57, December 20, (UTC) [-] [F]